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Criteria for receiving a CHWM Certificate of Merit


A CHWM Certificate of Merit is awarded to five organizations within each category of small (<100 employees), medium (100 – 500 employees), and large (>500 employees) who meet the criteria (below).


Scoring of the Submission is based upon the following 10 criteria with a maximum of 10 points each for a total possible score of 100

Explain how the healthy workplace initiative:

  1. Supports the current year’s CHWM theme
  2. Applies SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time sensitive).
  3. Supports a comprehensive approach to workplace health in Canada that includes the four elements of a healthy workplace:
    1. Health lifestyles
    2. Workplace culture and mental health
    3. Physical environment
    4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Demonstrates innovation (i.e., ‘out of the box’ thinking/approach).
  5. Provides a useful and practical healthy workplace tool(s) and/or resource(s) to create a healthy workplace for employees and the organization.
  6. Encourages participation by all staff (inclusive, accessible)
  7. Is “shareable” with other organizations? (Can it be reproduced elsewhere?)
  8. Has measurable outcomes
  9. Achieves good participation rates amongst the group population


In addition to the above nine criteria, 10 points are also available for the overall quality of the submission.

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