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Mental Health Awareness


Reduce Mental Health Stigma

Stop  the stigma associated with mental illness. Build awareness on how to reduce it in your workplace and create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. 

  • Share Working Through It’  . A video-based resource to help individuals reclaim well-being at work, off work or when returning to work. It focuses on video interviews of real people sharing their experiences of working through times of mental health pressures.  Source: Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace's website, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health
  • Join the campaign for Not Myself Today  to educate and engage employees on the issues of mental health in the workplace, and how to  reduce the stigma of mental health. Use the free tools and resources available, including an Activity Guide, posters, buttons, fact sheets, communications templates to get started! Source: Partners for Mental Health
  • Employee/ Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
    Build employee awareness and understanding of a psychologically healthy and safe workplace, by contacting your EAP or EFAP to use their services in disseminating educational material including articles and webinars on such topics as violence prevention, health promotion, and resilience, to name a few.
  • Sign  the free and voluntary Charter for Mindful Employer Canada demonstrating your organizations commitment to supporting mental health in the workplace. Educate your leaders and employees on mental health at work  and use resources and tools to promote mental health and eliminate stigma for employees seeking help. 


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WELLth Management - Take the Mental Health at Work Challenge

Our goal is to have your organization make a commitment to take some immediate small steps to start implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. The Wellth Management Mental Health at Work Challenge is available to all Canadian organizations at no charge.

Please register today (its free) to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to raising awareness and supporting your employees with turnkey evidence-based tools.

PLUS, it’s Fun and Your Employees Will Earn Exciting Rewards!

Each time your organization reaches a milestone implementing elements of the Standard, your entire team will earn reward points on the BestLifeRewarded platform. Plus, individual employees can earn bonus points for participating in educational programs, completing surveys and tracking their mental health. Your employees will “bid” their points for ballots on exciting prize draws such as, travel vouchers, spa experiences, an in-home chef, interior design consultation, and much more.


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Build Management Awareness

Educate management on the signs and symptoms of mental health issues. Help your leaders to recognize the signs and symptons of employees dealing with mental illness and to understand the stigma associated with mental illness and their role to reducing it in the workplace. 

Resources and Tools:
National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health Great-West Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace
Workplace Safety Prevention Services (WSPS) Healthy Workplace Resources.
MHCC Leadership Framework for Advancing Mental Health
Mental Health Works. Canadian Mental Health Association


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Mental Health Awareness Tips

Make mental health information meaningful to the employees in your workplace by connecting it to everyday life events.
Share these 1 minute videos with your team! 

The videos provide examples of normal everyday life events that can indicate the need for further attention and understanding. In doing so the observer becomes more aware and knowledgeable about mental health issues in the workplace, at home and community. 



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Take a Mental Health Quiz!

Help your team understand the difference between mental health and mental illness. Check out some of the resources available to assess the stress levels of your team.


Workplace Mental Health Promotion  Canadian Mental Health Association 

Mental Health Screening Tools  Mental Health America 

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Raise Awareness About Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace

Provide practical strategies to raise awareness on how to support individuals with mental health issues in the workplace. Learn how to discuss mental health issues in your workplace Resources: free online tools and templates for building awareness in your workplace -Beyond Blue  .

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Identify Workplace Mental Health Risks

Check the psychological health and safety status of your workplace. Consider conducting a workplace psychosocial risk assessment to identify factors that influence psychological health and safety in your workplace.

  • Learn more about the psychosocial risk factors in the workplace (those organizational factors that impact the psychological health and safety of employees).  Involve employees in identifying your workplace hazards and the development of action plans to reduce risk.
    Workplace Mental Health Promotion (CMHA) 
    Guarding Minds @ Work 


  • Workplace Stressors - Help employees understand external factors that influence work-related stress (i.e. financial, eldercare, fatigue) and offer resources, tools, and tips to cope. See CCOHS' fact sheet on Workplace Stress- General 


  • Develop a Safety Check list - Build awareness of the psychological risks in your workplace. Involve your colleagues in the identification of potential psychological risks and hazards in your organization, and keep expanding it as suggestions continue to be contributed. Create teams and provide incentives in recognition of the contributors.


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Respectful Workplace

Build a culture of dignity and respect by building employee awareness of workplace Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination.

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Healthy Body - Healthy Mind


Check Up from the Neck Up!

Try an easy to use, online, private, mental health check-up in your workplace. Incorporate it into an onsite Wellness Day or Health Clinic, as an activity raise awareness on the importance of mental health in the workplace. 

Share this simple, private tool with others to identify mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and others, and get the right help.
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Lunch Hour Walks

Provide opportunities for employees to ‘meet and walk’ with others during lunch. 

Some people just need to be told there’s a group going for a stroll! Pick a destination or a route. Count your daily steps with a ParticipACTION pedometer.

ParticipACTION Get Moving
Have-Walking-Lunch American Running Association

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Stress Management


Understand Work Stressors

Conduct a stress management workshop to help employees understand the causes of their personal stress and techniques for managing and coping.

Here are a few tips to share with your team to manage stress in the workplace:
  • Take a break. Even a few minutes of "personal time" will go a long way to rejuvenate your mental health. Go for a short walk, have a coffee with a colleague, or simply relax for a few minutes.If you feel angry, walk away. Take time to refresh by counting to 10, then look at the situation again. Walking and other physical activities will also help you work off steam.
  • Set reasonable standards for yourself and others. Don't expect perfection. Talk to your employer about your job description. Your responsibilities and performance criteria may not accurately reflect what you are doing. Working together to make needed changes will not only benefit your emotional and physical health, but also improve the organization's overall productivity.
  • How much do you and your colleagues know about stress?
    Take this simple quiz to test your "stress smarts."

  • Work Stress Resource Page Webcasts and online courses

    Source: APA Center for Organizational Excellence
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Build your own Stress Relief Tool Kit!

Learn about some tools to help employees take control and manage the daily stressors of life.

Stress Relief Tool Kit. Build your own!  Heart and Stroke Foundation - He@lthline
Mayo Clinic Stress Relief Tips
Mindful The Mindfullness Centre 
Mindful Employer Canada


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Reduce Financial Stress!

Build financial literacy!
Help your employees become more financially literate and better able to understand their finances and better plan for financial freedom.

  • Bring in an expert to lead a seminar on money management skills or investment ideas. Ask an expert from your organizations benefit program, EAP or engage the services of a non-profit credit counselling agency to provide high-quality financial wellness sessions, such as credit management, budgeting, goal setting, financial planning and lifestyle changes.

    Benefits Canada
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Stress Busters

 Promote a week of stress buster activities, events, exercises that your colleagues can do at their desk or with others over the week. 

  • Share the 10 Stress Buster tips in your workplace, including building emotional strength, taking control of your situation and connecting with others.


  • Include stress buster ideas in the 'tip of the day' emails and posters


  • Teach 'anywhere breathing exercises' , mediation or mindfulness exercises to help employee de-stress at anytime


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Work/Life Balance

Help your managers support people who are struggling with work/life balance or heightened work demands.

According to Duxbury and Higgins, to reduce work-life conflict and improve overall quality of life, employers need to focus their efforts on four sets of initiatives such as increasing the number of supportive managers within the organization, providing flexibility around work, increasing employee's sense of control and focusing on creating a more supportive work environment

Coordinating initiatives to support work life balance requires a number of considerations. Help your managers by providing a tool kit of resources to support work life balance.

Resources and Tools

Meditation - tools to get started

Workplace Wellness
Ref: HR Council 

Health at Work: Activity Ideas and Kits- Work-Life Balance 
Ref: Peterborough Public Health

Carleton University - Healthy Workplace Plan

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Take Control - Time Management Tips!

There’s a solution to any problem. Feeling a loss of control is one of the main causes of stress and lack of well-being.
Help employees feel empowered, by sharing learning techniques to manage their time.


Easy Time management Tips Source: NHS Choices
Time Management at Work
tudy Guides & Strategies



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