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Eat Well - Stay Well


Healthy Workplace Nutrition Environment – A Call to Action!

In many workplaces the nutrition environment is a public health concern! Develop regular communications on nutrition (e.g., healthy recipes for work, nutrition tips, myth busting, etc) using posters, table tents, news releases, etc to keep employees informed and aware. Check out resources available for employers and workers to help foster a Healthy Workplace Nutrition Environment. 

The Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health has developed resources and tools for employers, workers' advocates, and workplace wellness committees to encourage workplaces to take action! 

Resource and tools:

Ontario Society of Nutrtion Professionals in Public Health
Healthy Eating Workplace Handbook – Durham Region Health Dept
Canadian Dietitians Association 

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Healthy Eating Lunch & Learn Seminars

Host interesting wellness-related topic(s) and the lunch crowd will be eating up the new information. Provide healthy light snacks.
Invite a Registered Dietitian in to speak on healthy eating topics, such as: high protein drinks and diets, vitamin supplementation, exercise and nutrition, myths and facts, etc. 

Have Wellness Roves (travelling food cart) – engage employees in sampling unique foods, celebrating the different cultures in your workplace. Provide nutritional information, have a guessing “This or That” game to determine which choice is healthier, has more sugar, fat, etc.

Build awareness. Provide nutrition magazines for employees to read in lunch rooms and break areas.

Resources and tools
Dietitians of Canada

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Ask a Dietitian

Help employees become more aware and begin to understand their eating habits - how often and what they are eating  - and learn how to make gradual changes to their eating behaviours. Share tips at a lunch and learn event..

Supermarket Tours: Have a Dietitian take employees on a 'food label reading' tour at the local supermarket and learn more about what is in the food we eat and why this is important to their health.  
Source Find a Dietitian  - Dietitians of Canada

Learn what you are eating, and change nutrition habits.  How much water do you drink? Are you getting enough protein? How often do you eat? How frequently do you take a proper lunch break? Learn how to track food intake and self monitor you nutrition habits. 
Share this resource: 

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Farmers Market at your Workplace

Check out the Farmers Market Association in your area to find out how to organize your own Farmers Market
See example of a Checklist for organizing.

Liaise with local provider(s) to take food orders from employees and deliver boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables

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Get Cooking!

Shifting values, lack of time, reliance on prepared foods, cost and availability of food, are some of the factors influencing how and what we eat.
Launch a healthy eating campaign to encourage meal preparation and sit down meals. Inspire your colleagues to get back to cooking basics!  


  • Show  videos of Dietitians sharing cooking tips 
  • Download your free app Cookspiration and get recipe ideas based on what you and your family feel like eating
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How does your organization measure up?

Healthy eating in the workplace. Create a 4 Star Food Environment in your workplace. Get your workplace to start evaluating their work food environment. How does your organization shape up?
Take the 4 Star Quiz

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Eat Well - Be Active


Take Back the Lunch Break

Encourage employees to eat a healthy meal away from their desk..

Celebrate Take Back the Lunch Break! Encourage employees to get away from work during lunch, eat with friends or go for a quick walk. Build awareness about the benefits. Often taking a break will make you more creative and productive. Related resource: Eat Well, Live Well

Celebrate workplace diversity. Host a Culture Themed Potluck lunch with your team, as a promotion in your Cafeteria.

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Nutrition for Shiftworkers

Many  shiftworkers find it a challenge to know what to eat, and when to eat while working shifts. Shifts can upset your body’s internal clock that tells your body to be awake during the day and to sleep at night.
Help your shiftworkers stay healthy, active and alert.




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Healthy Habits That Work!

Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours in the workplace, so it is logical that work has a huge impact on our overall health and well-being. Here are some ideas to encourage healthy lifestyle practices at your workplace, including healthy eating:

  • Listen to a free webinar to get up to speed on healthy habits you can adopt during your working hours, and how your employer can do their part to help. Source: Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)
  • Display healthy eating information in appropriate places in the workplace (e.g. kitchen, canteen, dining room)
  • Provide free or subsidised fresh fruit and vegetables in the workplace
  • Establish workplace policies that promote and support employees to eat healthily e.g. workplace healthy catering policy
  • Offer healthy food options in vending machines
  • Arrange a mobile food service that offers healthy options
  • Provide subsidies for the purchase of nutrition related books e.g. cookbooks


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Just Brown Bag It!

What do you need for healthy lunches?   

Share ideas for healthy eating while at work, including recipes and tips for healthy, quick and easy lunches.

Dietitians of Canada

Eat Right Ontario

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Eat Well and Be Active!

Build awareness on the link between healthy eating/physical activity and mental health. Check out the free resources including poster, activities and images you can use to promote Eat Well and Be Active Every Day  in your workplace. Educational activities are available to promote eating well and being physically active. 

See the activity guide: Health Canada Eat Well and Be Active Educational Tools

See Healthy Nutrition tips for Walking. See The Walking Site

Estimate your calorie needs See

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Heart & Stroke Big Bike

Start a team and participate in the Heart & Stroke Big Bike fundraising event. 29 riders will work together to pedal one Big Bike. Foster team bonding and help fund critical research! The ride takes 15-20 mins. To start a team, visit the website, select a province, city and ride location and you are on your way.  
ref: Heart and Stroke Canada

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Celebrate National Volunteer Week

Dedicate this week to acknowledging volunteers in your organization. Promote ways for employees to get involved in giving back to their communities. Recognize the little ways in which employees volunteer every day, such as shoveling a neighbor’s drive way, offering someone a ride to work, or taking a lost animal to an animal shelter. Organize a contest to encourage employees to volunteer, provide prizes! Check out the website!


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