Feel Great at Work!

During the month of October, employers and employees are encouraged to take the Healthy Workplace Challenge and “Feel great at work!” – the theme for 2021. Organize weekly activities to empower your employees to do their best, take care of themselves, and help others.

Be recognized

Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month Great Employers Award celebrates organizations large and small that are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplaces for their employees. Apply online for our 2021 awards beginning August 2021.

Improve Mental Health at Work

Excellence Canada’s Workplace Mental Health Essentials Basic Toolkit is ideal for those looking to develop a personalized mental health strategy. And now, it’s FREE for all Canadian employers. Take immediate steps to support employees at all levels.

Return to Work Safely

As businesses start to determine what their new way of working will be, Excellence Canada’s Return to Work with Excellence Checklist can help you create a plan to safely and confidently bring employees back to work.

Committed to People, Committed to your Health.

Welcome to Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month

This year, we are also providing more challenges to make it fun! Are you up for the healthy workplace challenge!?

Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month presented by Canada Life and managed by Excellence Canada is a year-round resource that encourages employers to promote healthy workplace practices throughout the year, and celebrate success every October.

Together, we have made great strides. Since the first campaign in 2001,we now have many organizations from coast to coast participating in the activities of the Month, as well as using the www.healthyworkplacemonth.ca website as a year-round resource for long-term wellness strategies.

Stay Connected and Join the Community

Become a healthy(ier) workplace

A healthy workplace is one in which the organization cares about the physical and psychological health and safety of its employees and establishes systems and programs to achieve and maintain exemplary health. A comprehensive healthy workplace consists of 4 elements.

Healthy Lifestyles

Corporate Social Responsibility

Physical Environment

Mental Health and Workplace Culture

Take the Healthy Workplace Challenge

We invite you and your organization to get involved in Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month! To encourage participation and make it fun we have created weekly challenges during the month of October.

Goal of the Challenge

The goal is simple. We want to encourage everyone to do at least ONE thing to make their workplace healthier and safer.

Each week has a specific theme and suggested activities that are fun and easy to implement and can be customized to fit your organization and kickstart a healthy workplace campaign. Adapt the activities or introduce other ideas to suit your unique needs and corporate environment!

Enjoy the Month! It’s a great way to increase awareness about valuing the health and well-being of your most important resource – people. Or building on the good work already under way!


Empowered by Stories

Showcase of outstanding initiatives being taken by other small, medium and large organizations across Canada.

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Be recognized as a great employer for your demonstrated commitment to a healthy workplace. Applications for Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month Great Employer are now being accepted.

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