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Parents’ Employment and Mental Well-being during the Pandemic

Excellence Canada and Canada Life are pleased to announce the 2020 Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month® Great Employers. These organizations are being celebrated for their planning and actions to foster physically and psychologically safe and healthy workplaces, striving to continually improve across four main areas of focus

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The habit you might need heading into a new decade

Over the past decade, I have tried to start a few different new habits while also attempting to get rid of "bad" habits. Where there was success, there was also setback. I have learned to treat myself kindly in the face of habit formation and change, as this work is...

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What Does a Great Employer Look Like?

Every October, Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month celebrates success stories from organizations across the country. A healthy workplace is one in which the organization cares about the health, safety and wellness of its employees and establishes systems to achieve and...

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Essential mental health tips for the workplace

In any given week, 500,000 Canadians are unable to work due to mental health problems or illnesses. If ignored, mental health issues can contribute to a cycle of low productivity and absenteeism. As such, employers and employees should work together to identify...

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