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The key to any effective Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) event in your workplace, lies in the provision of activities that will maintain high interest.  IPAC resources and tools are available to support a number of activities in your workplace.
 Resource: Public Health Ontario – Infection Prevention and Control (IPCAC).

Slogan contest – hold the contest before the event; circulate the Mission Statement with the announcement of the contest; the winning slogan could become the major theme

“Trivial Pursuit” game – use pertinent Infection Control questions in a questionnaire or card game; game can be played individually or in groups; develop a score sheet and award small prizes

Questionnaire/Q&A Cards – have questions relating to practices, policies and procedures completed by individuals who stop by your display, and award prizes to those who answer all the questions correctly. This is a good way to check the level of knowledge and pinpoint trouble areas. Or leave cards in coffee rooms and lounges.

Exhibitors – contact your local supply representatives, they might be interested in setting up display booths, and are great sources for giveaway items, buttons etc.

Tours – arrange a tour of your department, laboratories, etc.; set up displays and demonstrations. Don’t forget refreshments!


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