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Initiative: Healthy Workplace Month Challenge: “Win-Win” Challenge

Number of employees: 3000

Goal(s) of the Initiative:

Health Workplace “Win-Win” Challenge. The Goal is to complete as many activities pertaining to the seven elements of wellness; emotional/mental, financial, spiritual, occupational, social, physical and environmental. The aim is to celebrate everyone’s small steps towards holistic wellness and applaud all “wins”.

We have opened this challenge up to other hospitals in Ontario to encourage a healthy competition. Each hospital will have their logo inserted on the physical pamphlet, and for each of the seven elements of wellness hospitals can input their specific healthy workplace month challenges, workshops or events.

Each participant will collect a “win-Win” Challenge booklet and check mark as many activities in the varying wellness elements throughout the month of October. At the end of the month participants will submit their booklets to the Wellness Team at their respective hospital.

S – Specifically complete 3 of the 10 wellness activities in each of the seven elements of wellness
M – Track your activities by putting a checkmark beside the activity in the booklet
A – Complete 3 of my favourite activities in each of the seven elements of wellness
R – On 3 of the days during each week of October I will complete one activity from the seven elements of wellness
T – These activities will begin October 1st and finish October 31st, 2018.

What need was being addressed by this initiative?

The CAMH Wellness Centre’s intention is to make the space and our programming a place to support and sustain this practice. Our goal is to encourage everyone to view their health holistically. We connect all of our programming to the seven elements that contribute to overall well-being: environmental, mental and emotional, financial, spiritual, occupational, social and physical.

This specific competition takes into account our holistic approach by encouraging all participants to be active and well in all realms of wellness. By promoting and including the seven elements we hope to open up the eyes of all participants to see the benefits of holistic wellness, and become aware of the multitude of venues the Wellness Centre supports their health. We hope this translates to their family, friends and patients at CAMH.

Finally, this challenge creates a community of learning, with all participants engaging in the activities. This will build personal wellbeing and healthy behaviours, and instigate a community of wellbeing at CAMH.

How was the initiative implemented:

The CAMH Wellness Team developed a comprehensive, colourful, printable booklet. The booklet has icons and simple instructions to make it easy and available to anyone. It was important for us to develop a hardcopy so that all healthcare staff could participate, even those without access to a computer. Our intention was to create a template that could be used by other hospitals, which we promoted at a Teleconference for the “Healthy Hospitals Working Group”. We would share a template with each participating hospital to input their specific monthly activities or events, and use the same activities. We would also add their logo to our back page to promote the healthy hospital competition.

How was the initiative evaluated:

We will be evaluating our initiative based on participation and reviewing the completion of the seven elements of wellness. These results will highlight which areas of wellness are most favoured by our participants, and areas of growth and program expansion.


Our internal results and results of the 5 Ontario competing hospitals will be determined following the completion of Healthy Workplace Month 2018 and announced in mid-November.

What is the approximate cost per participant:


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