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Collingwood General and Marine Hospital

Initiative: Healthy Workplace Month

Number of employees: 550

Goal(s) of the Initiative:

The goals were to engage employees in multiple healthy workplace initiative throughout the month. To target all areas of a healthy workplace. (Mental, Physical, Social, Eating, Organizational)

    What need was being addressed by this initiative?

    We addressed the need of employee focusing on their health in all these areas, and understanding the resources available to them to support their healthy. The increase staff engagement with each other and with the organization.

    How was the initiative implemented:

    We had a Healthy Workplace Committee to plan and organize the events. The events were funded through our staff 50/50 payroll deduction program and event ticket sales. We advertised that the more you participated, the more chances you were entered into the draw for a fitness tracker and the draw was done at our organizations ‘town hall.’ 

    Mental – Mental Illness Awareness Week (Tea & Talk, Mental Health BINGO), Compassionate Stress Webinar Expressive Art Workshop
    Physical – Employee Baseball Game, Game Night (Laser Tag/Archery Tag/Nerf Wars, Everest Challenge, On-site Massages
    Social – All the events
    Organizational – Department Halloween Costume Challenge
    Eating – Cooking Class, Apple Delivery to Departments

    How was the initiative evaluated:

    We evaluate through participation numbers and through feedback on certain events. The committee also debriefs after the month is finished to evaluate how the event was received and changes to next year. We can also gauge the success of an event based on the ‘buzz’ the next day.


    We had great participation levels with most of our events!

    What is the approximate cost per participant:


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