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Paradigm Electronics Inc

Initiative: October is Healthy Workplace Month

Number of employees: 225

Goal(s) of the Initiative:

The goal of our program was to raise awareness of the company’s commitment to workplace health through the following dimensions:
1) Safe Workplace
2) Healthy Lifestyle choices – physical and mental
3) Supportive Culture and Organization
4) How to have fun at work

Through this month long initiative the organizational goal was to increase the quality of life at work for our employees through 100% participation of employees in one healthy workplace initiative. 

We completed an employee survey prior to October to gauge the level of employee engagement and then completed a follow up survey at the end of the month.

What need was being addressed by this initiative?

Paradigm Electronics has gone through a number of organizational stressors including key leadership changes and continuous lean manufacturing implementation. This initiative was an opportunity to re-engage employees and to refocus the organization on the benefits of health, safety and wellness.

How was the initiative implemented:

1) Set up a wellness committee with management and employee representation from each department spearheaded by Human Resources.
2) Development of program goals and objectives and got Senior Management buy in and participation
3) Development of a project plan | calendar of events (attached document)
4) Set up a communications centre – Bulletin Board (attached photo)
5) Internal Marketing through posters, email blasts, bulletin board postings, employee t-shirts

How was the initiative evaluated:

1) pre and post program employee survey
2) participation rate
3) charity drive participation and dollar results
4) with each initiative the participation rate increased
5) Additional spinoff results that we never thought of including ongoing wellness initiatives


The results were beyond our expectations:
1) Employee Survey improved in all categories by 20 bases points. Participation in the survey increased from 125 employees to 198 employees.
2) 100% participation in at least 6 of the initiatives
3) Through charity drives for an employee on disability we have begun to build a strong community and team and managed to raise $10,000 for an electric wheelchair
4) We donated 2,600 lbs of food to the Thanksgiving Food Drive – almost 12 lbs per employee
5) Skipping contest has evolved into a lunchtime skipping club
6) Have started a weekly Tai Chi Class 
7) 8 employees and family members have joined a Muay thai training centre
8) Our Weekly aerobics class has increased by 5 participants
9) An additional 4 employees have volunteered to be part of the wellness committee and they are developing a calendar that will have 1 activity per week. They have already completed an employee survey to determine what employees would like to see.
10) Regular Music Jam Sessions after work have been planned
11) Increased utilization of Employee Assistance Program
12) Increased utilization of Workperks 

Our organization has been energized through our Healthy Workplace Month initiative.

What is the approximate cost per participant:


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