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Initiative: Health and Wellness Month

Number of employees: 250

Goal(s) of the Initiative:

To support the physical and mental health of our agency through timely, interactive and supportive Health and Wellness initiatives.

These initiatives target the employees of Peel Children’s Centre, through specific events created, executed and funded by the Health and Wellness Committee such as but not limited to: workshops, lunch and learns, lunch time or break time events outdoor breaks, walks, challenges, email information, wellness room and wellness board.

Attendance is tracked for each event and feedback is welcome verbally or through email and through Health and Wellness feedback surveys.

Members of the committee take on different tasks throughout the year which have been informed by the 2016-2017 feedback survey. With feedback from the survey answers, it was evident that staff wished to focus mostly on achieving a healthy work-life balance, promote self-care, stress reduction, physical and mental health and well-being.

It was then up to the Health and Wellness Committee to implement various initiatives throughout the year focused on conceptualizing these goals, planned during meetings, and completed in a timely manner over the course of the year.

What need was being addressed by this initiative?

Several needs have been addressed, including employees wishing to achieve a work-life balance, to reduce stress, to schedule in breaks from work when needed, to achieve a more healthy lifestyle and to become better at using self-care to support their physical and mental health.

How was the initiative implemented:

A budget is given to the Health and Wellness committee annually, to support the initiatives run by the committee.

Some of the events, amongst many that have taken place over the last year and a half, included:

  • Winter Wellness Bingo- participants encouraged to participate in various activities throughout the month it ran. Participant who had the most squares filled would be entered into draw for Goodlife membership for 1 year. Participation prizes also given.
  • Walk to Hawaii- whole agency provided with FITBITS. Exercise tracked. Winner received a grand prize.
  • Wellness Break: During our annual Celebration Day (focused on our achievements and staff anniversaries) the Wellness Committee was in charge of scheduling both morning and afternoon wellness breaks which consisted of a guided Mindful Eating exercise in the morning and a fun, interactive celebratory dance in the afternoon
  • Plant Workshop-focused on creating a healthy air workspace, provided plants to each person who participated
  • Water Challenge- challenged each person to consume a healthy amount of water daily based on a body weight-water calculator. Winning prize was a water diffuser pitcher provided to the winner and participation prizes of tea diffusers were given to each participant.
  • Take a Break Outside-focused on getting fresh air with fun interactive games. People participated in small games, art work and received a refreshment
  • Wellness Walks-many participated in this over the lunch hour or mid-afternoon to take a physical activity break
  • Mindfulness Mondays- guided meditation focused on relaxation, acceptance and self-care. Participants provided with mindfulness exercises to take away as well
  • Yoga Workshop-focused on introduction to Yoga.
  • Superfood Sampling- everyone invited to take part in sampling different superfoods focused on health benefits.
  • Wellness Room- This wellness room is located in our building used for staff who wish to have some quiet, relaxing time during their breaks, who may not be feeling well or who wish to have some time alone. This wellness room is being re-decorated and launched as we speak, and will have calming and relaxed tones, a monthly topic/focus in the room and is cleaned and kept up regularly by members of the health and wellness committee.

How was the initiative evaluated:

Initiatives evaluated based on the number of participants. Feedback also solicited through email or verbally. Everyone asked to participate in Survey to provide feedback such as what they liked, didn’t like, what times of day would work best for wellness initiatives, what they would like to focus on for the coming year for health and wellness. This feedback informed the activities listed above from the results of this survey.


Several individuals have attended each of the various events held and participated in these events. Many have commented, letting the Health and Wellness Committee know that they feel supported, have built in breaks better, feel a better sense of balance, are more relaxed and encouraged to focus on their health and wellness while in the workplace, which has helped them perform better at work, feel more focused, energized and better able to support the clients we work with.

What is the approximate cost per participant:


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