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Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Giving Back’ to your community

Giving to others as either small acts of kindness or large ongoing volunteer efforts can lead to feelings of positive self-worth and happiness helping to create a positive state of mind. Create teams and opportunities for your employees to get involved.

Serve a Meal to the Homeless Organize an evening or weekend when your company can volunteer at a food bank or help with feeding the homeless.

Lend Your Skills Ask your organization about donating your skills to a charitable project that fosters community care and good corporate citizenship.

Fundraising can be a fun- social -charitable -event at work! Some of the most inspirational team building opportunities come from working together for a common cause.

Host a charity drive in your workplace to support a co-worker or family member who is ill, or a local community charity, such as Salvation Army or Food Bank. Link the drive to a competitive event (5K run or walk) and encourage participation with incentives.

These types of events are both meaningful and fun – inspiring Play at Work!


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