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Engage and inspire your employees in Pay It Forward Day events. Pay It Forward is about giving to someone else and making a positive difference by inspiring and engaging others. There are many ways that your workplace can get involved in Pay it Forward initiatives.

Enable employees to help support a ‘charity of choice’ by offering time off for participation, and encourage participation with posters, incentives and team events, including:

  • Have a departmental challenge whereby each department competes with each other to make a positive contribution to the community, and donate funds raised to favourite workplace charities
  • Celebrate staff appreciation by providing a healthy lunch or snack (like apples!)
  • Provide a mental health break with a short 10-minute breathing/yoga class
  • Host a bake sale, sending proceeds to a charity of choice
  • Go ‘green’ and host a day to collect things like light-bulbs, old cellphones, batteries, etc.
  • Hold a clothing/food drive and donate to a local charity
  • Set up a book exchange in a centralized location and encourage employees to bring in books to share, and others to help themselves for free

Encourage individual acts of kindness – Create Posters, Bingo cards or Check off lists with incentives to encourage staff participation. Sample activities include: 

  • Buy a coffee/tea for someone
  • Give “Thank You” and “Values” cards to co-workers to show their appreciation
  • Mentor someone (on professional or personal level)
  • Simple: Smile, hold the door or elevator for someone
  • Replace what you’ve used/is empty: i.e. the printer paper, fresh pot of coffee, etc.
  • Invite someone new to lunch

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